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Sidra Hali brings beauty and quality in the world of rugs and carpets to deliver the best style to every location.

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For decades we have worked in carpet manufacturing, also we have inherited it from the family business, and finally we established Sidra Hali to go with latest technology and complete it with our old heritage.

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All machines used in the factory are branded and with highest and latest well-known “Van de Wiele” company, that guarantees the best weaving technologies available in the market.

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The post-production phase is the finishing, which is responsible for the gluing, packing, labeling, as well as our advanced barcode and quality tracking system for stocking and shipping.

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We have a wide selection of yarn to meets market’s need, our expertise exceeds two decades in development and production to match all sales criteria.

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Art is the main request for all customers, our designers & drawers fulfill this demand with wide range of designs from classic to modern and geometrical patterns.

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We make sure to keep up with high standards for the product workflow

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We have a full set of professionals who covers all carpet’s domain, backed by the high academic level and strong practical experience to deliver a top-notch product.


Our quality policy is customer satisfaction and respect to the environment. Sidra Hali has its own eco-system to control each step of the production.



We ship our products to over that 30 countries all over the world, covering the Middle-East, Far-East, Africa, North and South Americas.